G Plan Vintage take their original models from the 50s, 60s and 70s and reimagine them for homes of today with the help of British designer Wayne Hemingway. Soft leathers and luxury upholstery fabrics are available in both neutral and eye-catching colours that provide a statement for any home. What’s more, they’re super comfortable – trust me.

Working with G Plan Vintage

Writing blogs for G Plan Vintage gave me the opportunity to explore my love for interior design. I was able to inspire readers to create schemes for their homes, all the while ensuring that the G Plan Vintage models were the hero. The social media for G Plan Vintage was interlaced with the core G Plan range. It included throwback Thursday posts featuring original adverts, details of vintage events around the country and linked with Wayne Hemingway’s other collaborations. Essentially I aimed to capture the vintage movement that shows no signs of leaving us.