A brand synonymous with the outdoors, Barbour is one of the UK’s most loved countryside brands. Each of their coats and jackets are made with quality materials and last for years. This level of craftsmanship is something that comes through in their tone of voice.

Working with Barbour

Always premium but never too high brow, when writing for Barbour I tailor the language to feel atmospheric. The sets of blogs I’ve written have supported wider campaigns including the Spirit of Adventure, The Barbour Tartan Tour and A Secret Getaway (examples of each below). I want the reader to feel like they are exploring the wilderness and discovering the secrets that it holds.

The microsite was to support their summer social campaign for the Rather Handy Picnic Rug. A versatile piece of kit that ensured a successful picnic, its features made sure that everything went smoothly, no matter the British weather conditions.