My last (and only) blog post was November 4th 2016.


For someone who loves writing, I’ve managed to not do very much of my own at all. Usually I would slap my wrist and tell myself to get a grip, but you know what? I’ve been quite busy.

Aside from having a bumper 2017, taking on new clients and working on some wonderfully meaty pieces of content. I’ve also managed to have a baby – if you’ve seen my Instagram feed then it might have given it away, #mumlife.

When I found out I was pregnant I was quite frequently asked how I was going to manage to work AND raise a tiny human. “Oh it’ll be easy” I scoffed, “I’ll only take a month for maternity and then I’ll get back on it.”…I was told I was being very unrealistic and it wouldn’t work out like that.

Low and behold I was blessed with an angel (so far).

Brie is great (I take no credit for this, she’s her own person). We did get into some pickles early on, but I took my month of maternity and got straight back into the swing of things. I’ve taken her to meetings, she’s been on client calls with me, and as far as junior copywriters go she’s had some pretty good ideas…very conceptual. Between us we’ve settled nicely into our own routine:

She eats, I write. She sleeps, I write. She watches me while throwing things from her highchair…you get the idea.

Working out the balance between being self-employed and being a mother has been daunting AF, but I’ve been lucky enough to work with clients that don’t mind a long distance relationship. Yes, I’d love some adult conversation now and again, and when we decide Brie needs some time in nursery, I’ll be bringing my laptop and shiny stationary into offices quicker than you can say “glitter gel pen”, but for now it’s working.

One of my main concerns about being a WAHM (work at home mum) has been that clients won’t see me as a professional, that I’ll be labelled as a ‘mum’ and won’t be taken seriously. But I’m delighted to say that so far that hasn’t happened…I think the world is changing, and I was worried about an attitude that was common 20-odd years ago, but now, not so much.

Because mums are more than the nappy changes, the meal plans, the bottle washing, the plastic tat playing and the bed time stories. We’re a highly organised breed that want to carry with business as usual…it just so happens that we have a tiny version of ourselves attached to us 24/7.

So Brie and I will carry on as we are and continue to work on some great things together.

Until she becomes mobile at least…

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